18th March 2019 will see the second Global Recycling Day, a day focused on uniting the world’s approach towards, and attitudes to, recycling.

The theme for this year is ‘Recycling into the Future’, with a focus on innovation and youth, building a global perspective for recycling – increasing awareness of the urgent steps the world needs to take if we are to recycle more effectively and to the benefit of the planet.

Innovation is vital if we are to improve recycling practices and processes into the future, and we want to celebrate and recognise the work that many business and brands are doing across the world to protect the future of our planet.

To champion the innovative recycling solutions being born every day, we invite businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to take part in our Innovation Challenge. We want to hear from you about what innovative initiatives you have put in place to optimise recycling practices in your business.

All you need to do is submit your ideas either in the form of a 500-word summary or a two minute (maximum) video. The best ideas will be selected to feature on the website and will be shared across Global Recycling Day’s social channels as well as our various partners’ channels.

Entries should be sent to or posted on social media using #GRDInnovation.

Here are a few examples of those businesses already pathing the way to a more sustainable future.