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It is not just world leaders that we are calling on to make some changes when it comes to the huge issue of recycling on Global Recycling Day (18 March 2018). We are urging every single inhabitant of this beautiful globe to ask themselves some very important questions.

To draw attention to the fact Global Recycling Day is focusing on the Seventh Resource (the seventh most important resource after the earth’s six natural ones of water, air, coal, oil, natural gas and minerals), we have pulled together seven questions we want everyone to ask themselves in order to be better recycling citizens.

And this all starts on a very basic level. The brands we buy in the shops have a knock-on effect on how easy their packaging is to recycle. Can we change what we use for the good of the planet? Do we ensure that we really have used a product for as long as possible before we bin it? When we have finished with our food, toiletries, boxes, wrapping and even big electrical items, do we dispose of it all in the correct way?

Recycling is an issue for all of us – from our humble homes to the most revered leaders in every far-flung corner of the globe. We MUST pull together.

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