News Releases

Urgent need to Decarbonise Iron & steel 13/3/24

Voluntary Carbon Credits – a Recycling winner 28/2/24


Recognising Youth – Theme for Recycling Heroes 2024 25/01/2024


Press release launch of 2030 – Green Vision for Africa 17/03/2023

Closing date for Recycling Heroes 2023 approaches 24/02/2023

A Festive Wrap 22/12/2022


Nett Zero targets under threat 10/03/2022

Global Recycling Foundation Board member is #BreakingTheBias by example 04/03/22

Time to recognise recycling industry 17/2/2022

Global Recycling Foundation announces ten #RecyclingHeroes of Global Recycling Day 2021 19/03/2021

Global Recycling Foundation pledges to plant 250,000 trees by 2030  18/03/2021

COP 26 – Recycling is the key 16/03/2021

Leading metal Recyclers mark the Fourth Global Recycling Day, on March 18th, by setting ambitious net zero emission targets  15/03/2021

We all can be recycling Heroes  10/03/2021

Electronic Waste – Our Greatest Threat 24/02/2021

London Fashion Week designers show passion for recycled textiles 17/02/2021

Global Recycling Foundation launches search for #RecyclingHeroes 2021 01/02/2021

Global Recycling Foundation announces the ten #RecyclingHeroes of Global Recycling Day 19/03/2020

Today the world comes together to celebrate Global Recycling Day 18/03/2020

Just one week to go until Global Recycling Day 11/03/2020

Cities across the world are preparing for Global Recycling Day 04/03/2020

Just one month to go until Global Recycling Day 2020 18/02/2020

Global Recycling Foundation commends the contribution of London Fashion Week designers 11/02/2020

The Global Recycling Foundation wants you to nominate your #RecyclingHeroes 03/02/2020

How to be a #RecyclingHero this holiday season 05/12/2019

Global Recycling Foundation announced Recycling Heroes theme for 2020 11/11/2019

One week to go until Global Recycling Day 18 March 2019 11/03/2019

Global Recycling Day is inspiring events across the world from Europe to Africa, and USA 06/03/2019

It’s all kicking off for Global Recycling Day in London’s Carnaby on 18th March 2019 01/03/2019

SIMS Metal Management continues as a Founding Sponsor of Global Recycling Day 25/02/2019

Global Recycling Foundation invites schools to celebrate Global Recycling Day with a new student education pack  22/02/2019

“We are simply pay slip service to recycling” 21/02/2018

Global Recycling Foundation launches #RecyclingGoals campaign to harness the global power of football in promoting recycling 18/02/2019

The Global Recycling Foundation looks at the best recycled fashion ahead of London Fashion Week 14/02/2019

Dutch and Swedish recycling industries pledge support to Global Recycling Foundation 16/01/2019

Global Recycling Foundation asks children from across the world to be better recycling citizens on Global Recycling Day, 18 March 2019 31/12/2018

Global Recycling Day named ‘Educational Initiative of the Year’ by Waste Dive 04/12/2018

‘Recycling into the Future’ announced as theme for Global Recycling Day 2019 09/10/2018

BIR launches Global Recycling Foundation to champion worldwide initiatives 06/10/2018

The first-ever Global Recycling Day celebrated around the world 21/03/2018

The first-ever Global Recycling Day is here! Countries around the World Unite to Tackle Recycling Together 18/03/2018

Sao Paulo unites with cities across the world unite as the world’s first Global Recycling Day approaches (18 March) 15/03/2018

Sims Metal Management confirmed as a Founding Sponsor for Global Recycling Day 13/03/2018

City-wide clean-up campaign confirmed in Johannesburg for Global Recycling Day  13/03/2018

The Bureau of International Recycling asks consumers to follow the Seven Golden Rules of Recycling to help mark the world’s first Global Recycling Day 13/03/2018

Cities across the world unite as Global Recycling Day approaches – nine cities set to participate with just two weeks to go 04/03/2018

Global Recycling Day organisers announce their first Federation Partner 22/02/2018

Countdown continues to world’s first ever Global Recycling Day as worldwide events are announced 18/02/2018

Sims Metal Management confirmed as one of the founding sponsors for Global Recycling Day 02/2018

New Manifesto from the Bureau of International Recycling calls on world to wake up to the power of the Seventh Resource 12/01/2018

Launch of Global Recycling Day website showcases the mission of the Day to refocus the world’s awareness of recycling 01/12/2017

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