This year’s Global Recycling Day theme has been announced as #RecyclingHeroes, recognizing the people, places and activities that showcase what an important role recycling plays in contributing to an environmentally stable planet.

Recycling heroes surround us every day, from household names like Greta Thunberg and Leonardo DiCaprio to the unknown heroes doing their part to better the planet. In 2020, the Global Recycling Foundation will showcase all of these heroes – big and small – as well as cities and businesses who are championing innovative recycling practices around the world.

Below, the Global Recycling Foundation has nominated its #RecyclingHeroes from the following categories: Politicians, Activists, Cities, Businesses and Rising Stars.

Following the nominations, a worldwide social media movement and competition will be launched in January, with the aim of recognising both the known and unknown heroes in recycling.

Our #RecyclingHeroes