The theme of this year’s Global Recycling Day on 18 March is #RecyclingHeroes.

It recognizes the people, places and activities that showcase how the Seventh Resource and recycling contribute to an environmentally stable planet and a greener future for all.

The last decade has been the hottest on record. We now face a climate emergency of unparalleled proportions. If we don’t work together to make significant and rapid changes, we will see continued rising global temperatures, melting icecaps, continents on fire and rapid deforestation.

Now, more than ever, we all need to do our part in contributing towards a greener future. There are already climate change and environmental heroes who are continually campaigning for a better future for our planet. These heroes surround us every day, from household names like Greta Thunberg and Leonardo DiCaprio to the unsung heroes doing their part to preserve the planet. They are critical to our future, and they are vital in helping us raise the profile of recycling.

In 2020, the Global Recycling Foundation will showcase these heroes – big and small – as well as cities, young people and businesses who are championing innovative recycling practices and habits around the world. Collectively they help us meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030, and it is they we want to celebrate in the days and weeks leading to Global Recycling Day 2020.

Below, to help inspire you to nominate your own unsung #RecyclingHeroes and everyday people, the Global Recycling Foundation has suggested examples using the following categories: World Leaders, Activists, Rising Youth Stars, Towns, Cities and Businesses.

We want to find out who the #RecyclingHeroes are in your own communities. Who is making a difference? Who do you look to for guidance and leadership? Or who inspires you in your own recycling and environmental efforts?