Nigerian based ‘U-Recycle Initiative’ is set to hold Nigeria’s first major Global Recycling Day event

U-Recycle Initiative, a team of young people aimed at promoting recycling culture in Nigeria, is set to host Nigeria’s first major Global Recycling Day event on 18th March 2019 in Lagos. Centred around the theme Recycling into the Future, Global Recycling Day aims to celebrate the power of recycling and make the world think ‘resource not waste’. U-Recycle Initiative’s event will take place between 10am – 4pm on 18th March 2019 in Ndubuisi Kanu Park Ikeja, in a fun-fair style event with a host of fun activities. Aiming to attract over 150 guests, including schools, special guests and other interested members of the public, the event’s activities include:

  • #RecyclingGoals football challenge: The event will include a chance to take part in Global Recycling Day’s #RecyclingGoals campaign. Based around football and recycling, the campaign asks social media users to take a video of themselves scoring a football goal whilst pledging to make a long term commitment to better recycling practices. Participants can then tag #RecyclingGoals and #GlobalRecyclingDay on their social media feeds to spread the word.
  • Upcycle Fashion Show: The event will also include a special ‘upcycle’ fashion show, with U-Recycle Initiative partnering with Green Fingers Wildlife Conservation Initiative to display fashion outfits made from recyclable materials.
  • Recycle Art Exhibition / Contest: An art contest / exhibition will feature various artworks made out of recycled materials from students at local schools.
  • Expert Talk session: The event will also include talks on recycling from experts and prominent individuals.
  • Recycle Games: Games and activities will include a recycle obstacle course, where participants have to navigate the course of recycled materials as quickly as they can while carrying a recyclable object. Other activities will include recycling pin bowling and recycling skyscrapers, where each participant has to try and build the highest pyramid of cans in one minute, as well as many more fun games.

U-Recycle Initiative, sponsored by The Nigerian Child Initiative, Wildlife Africa Conservation Initiative and Lagos Lagoonkeepers, runs workshops and programmes in Nigerian schools with the aim of educating children about the value of recycling. Their event is part of multiple activities taking place in all continents around the world in countries including the USA, South Africa, the UK, India, Dubai and Australia.

Global Recycling Foundation President Ranjit Baxi commented: “We are thrilled to be partnering with U-Recycle Initiative to launch the first major Global Recycling Day event in Lagos, Nigeria. Recycling is a global issue and every one of us, in every corner of the world, must consider how we can encourage better recycling habits. By launching events and celebrating the power of recycling across the globe, we can encourage the world to think ‘resource not waste’, and help to look after the future of our planet.”

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