Two weeks to go until Global Recycling Day 2020

In just two weeks, on the 18th March, the world will be celebrating Global Recycling Day 2020. Governments, organisations, communities and individuals all over the world will be coming together to celebrate and raise awareness of the Seventh Resource.

Global Recycling Day is an initiative by the Global Recycling Foundation which aims to raise awareness not only on the importance of recycling, but also to highlight just how valuable a resource ‘waste’ actually is. Through innovative recycling and upcycling practices, #RecyclingHeroes worldwide are making incredible use of resources which may otherwise have been discarded – and saving the planet in the process.

Global Recycling Day 2020 arrives at a time of global crisis, with the climate facing unprecedented emergencies and humanity finally admitting that we’re struggling to undo what’s been done. At a time like this, highlighting the importance and potential of recycling is vital. But it’s also important to celebrate how far we’ve come towards a better, healthier planet.

The Global Recycling Foundation has chosen 2020 to award $1000 and worldwide promotion to ten #RecyclingHeroes who go above and beyond in their recycling efforts. There have been some wonderful, inspiring, and very innovative entries so far, and there’s still time for the public to nominate their own #RecyclingHeroes. Nominators must be quick about it, though. The competition closes on the 8th March – in just five days.

Whether you’re making a huge impact as a big organisation or simply being diligent with your home recycling, you can be a #RecyclingHero. The smallest efforts sometimes make the biggest difference. #RecyclingHeroes aims to celebrate the world’s unsung heroes who are going that extra mile for the planet.

There will be events taking place all over the world to celebrate the day – from seminars to exhibitions and school talks, there are hundreds of ways to participate in Global Recycling Day. Our website contains ideas for those who want to put on their own event. Education providers can also find resource packs which can help teachers to plan fun and inspiring lessons around the theme of recycling.

Over the next two weeks, as Global Recycling Day approaches, we would like people to consider how they can help the world to improve its recycling practices. Whether it’s sharing recycling content, throwing a Global Recycling Day event, or simply vowing to be more diligent about separating the recycling at home, it all has an impact.

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